Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hope's Sale's Pitch

Hi everyone, Hannah here! Today I'd like to transport you back in time, specifically to the time before fancy embroidery machines were even available. Hope had begged Marv to let her buy a computerized (not embroidery) sewing machine, and his answer was only if she saved up all the money for it. Hope's solution was to work extra hours, on her days off, as a Dental Hygienist in order to earn more money. However, this was not Hope's only way of earning extra money...she decided if Mary Kay and Tupperware could host home parties, then so could she. She came up with the idea to create her own t-shirts composed of doilies which she bought from thrift stores all over town and buttons and glitter which she glued on to the t-shirts. Prior to 2007, Hope sold many of these t-shirts for $35 a piece. Although Hope didn't really know what she was doing, she had a good attitude and a confident persona and people bought them away. Funny but true, this past Christmas, our family was staying in Pennsylvania at our Aunt Carolyn's house. Carolyn was talking to mom one night and asked Hope, "Remember when you used to sell those shirts? I think I still have mine." After that she found the shirt and showed mom and we all laughed about it. Hope has come a long way. Check out our Instagram and follow us on Facebook 

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