Monday, August 15, 2016

Just Foiling Around

Hi all, Hannah here! Today I want to share with you one of Hope's most recent projects: making new signs for Baby Lock Tech. Hope loves a good laminate. One of her favorite quotes is, "Can I have that in writing and could you laminate it?" After all, if it's in print it's got to be true, right? If it's laminated it's forever...well, almost. Hope was playing around with Craft-N-Cut software the other day, making some super speedy signage. Did you know? Hope is endorsed with Craft-N-Cut software, her picture is even on the box! Hope loves using this software and incorporates it into many of  her easy-to-make projects. For more information on the Craft-N-Cut software, please check out this link to one of the videos on the fundamentals of this software: The first design was created with foil and a printer. The second design pictured is on a simple t-shirt. The top half of this t-shirt came directly off of the heat press while the bottom half used foil and heat transfer adhesive. This t-shirt was washed and dried on a regular cycle, and can even be thrown in with a load of towels. For more creative and fun projects, please visit our website at: Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page as well as on our business Instagram:

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