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By Hope Yoder of Designs By Hope Yoder, Inc. www.HopeYoder.com
Have you ever taken a personality test? Heard of the DISC quiz?  Remember Monty Hall and Lets Make A Deal game show? My favorite part of the show was the game, “What’s In Your Purse”.  

With that in mind, lets have a little fun and look into the personalities of 10 different stereotypes of those who craft, sew and embroider.

1.    The Perfectionist
a.     Well you know the kind; they are usually the quiet ones who sit in the back of the classroom sewing at their own pace, slow and steady.  They are happy as a lark ‘cause their seams are straighter than a quilting ruler! 
                                               i.     What’s in their purse?  At any given moment of glancing in their purse you will find a tape measure and a categorized detailed spreadsheet of all the embroidery design they own, by company with a sub category by themes.

2.    The Material Girl
a.     She is a quilt shop’s BFF, owns at least 7 coordinates in every new fabric collection including an array of precuts, charm packs, cake layers and jelly rolls.  She never uses any of her quilt shop fabrics, just saves them for a rainy day.  She lives in the desert where it never rains.  She uses her “ugly” fabric to make gifts because she doesn’t want to disrupt her pretty fabric collection. She is saving it because you never know when the mood will strike to part with her pretties or when she may find a friend worthy of breaking into her stash!
                                              i.     What’s in their purse?  Random acts of kindness…opps I meant random scraps of fabricJ.

3.    The Getter’ Done
a.     This is the girl who always finishes everything!  We don’t like her ;).  She doesn’t even know what a UFO is.  If you don’t know what that is let me spell it out 4 ‘ya.
·      U = Unfinished (this should be a 4 letter word)
·      F = Fabric
·      O = Object
                                              i.     What’s in their purse?  She has a Swiss Army zebra printed pocketknife that doubles as a heat burning tool and rhinestone setter! Don’t let me forget to mention she carries Embroidery Perfection Tape, safety pins and toothpicks.

4.    The Over-Achievers s Anonymous
a.     You have probably sat by this type at a hands-on sewing or quilting retreat.  She is always the first one done.  Can’t stand to have a nano-second of free time, needs to be doing something of value with an endgame at all times.  Frequently asks, “What’s the next step” when no one has finished the first set of instructions.
                                              i.     What’s in their purse?  A small quilt-covered steno pad To-do list with a matching ink pen embroidered cover that she just whipped up last night!

5.    The Gadget Girl
a.     Ohh how she loves to push buttons, any buttons will do, in a car, on a phone, in a store, on a machine, in a house, or on a roof.  She loves technology and knows how to use every single button on her brand new embroidery machine, without even having to read the manual. Know someone like this???
                                              i.     What’s in their purse?  When you open her purse you will find a Plenty-o-Pocket purse organizer insert so she can quickly switch purses keeping all her contents organized.  Yea I bought one, you want it LOL!  I’m holding out for the lighted, lint self cleaning version.

6.    The Gotta Have It Junkie
a.     She owns 50 sewing machines, 30 sergers and 10 electronic die cutting machines and all of my machine embroidery designs.  Hey, do ya’ll think she has any friends to send my way?  Seriously you need to invite this girl to your next Sip & Sew Tea Party event!
                                              i.     What’s in their purse?  A flyer for the new multi-needle embroidery machine that magically mops her floors while giving her a pedicure and playing MP4 chick flicks.

7.    The Mooch
a.     This is the student who comes to class and always consistently “forgets” her thread, scissors, pins, Wonder Tape, pattern, water soluble marker and looses her car keys before class over.  She is not the least bit concerned, until she can’t find her car keys.  She borrows from everyone, every time she comes to class.
                                              i.     What’s in their purse?  Can I get back to you on that…that is when we can locate her purse!

8.    The Copy Cat
a.     She loves to sew and embroider.  Loves everyone’s projects and wants to make one for herself and a friend.  She is a lovely person giving others the highest form of praise by wanting to copy each project exactly as shown on the pattern using the same fabrics.  This is why we make samples to hang in our store.  Samples sell!
                                              i.     What’s in their purse?  A small camera and pocket record so she can take notes after she asks you what pattern that is and what did you say was the name of the fabric you used?

9.     The Party Girl (Sip & Sew Tea Party)
a.     No, not that kind of party.  She goes to every team-style sewing event again and again and loves every minute of each day.  We are grateful for all the (sewing) Party Girls.  Rock On.
                                              i.     What’s in their purse?  A pack of gum and family size bag of Twizzles, a toothbrush, dental floss and toothpaste, just incase the speaker is long winded or she runs into lunch time!

10. The Class Clown
a.     Who doesn’t love a girl that laughs at her own mishaps and can turn them into belly laughs, bringing smiles to everyone around.  Next time you see me in person, listen for some of my stores. Not only are they funny, they are true, like the time I…..
                                              i.     What’s in their purse?  Just about everything, but don’t ask me, I mean HER to find it right this second.  My motto, I mean HER motto is, “ORGANIZED PEOPLE ARE TOO LAZY TO LOOK FOR IT”.  BTW, I have a design for that.

Hope you had a few laughs while reading my story.  Please hop on over to my webpage www.HopeYoder.com and browse our embroidery, sewing and die cutting pattern collections.

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