Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

We'll it's Christmas time and you probably are stumped about what to get the man in your life.  You want to make something but what? Girls are so much easier to sew and embroider for. Right???

Here is a quick idea using our Small Button~Ups Embroidery Collections. Even though they are small enough to fit on a button, you don't need to make buttons.

Men's Handkerchief With A Touch Of Embroidery from

Think of the Button~Ups designs as tiny little designs (about 1" or smaller in size) to go in small spaces, like the corner of mens purchased handkerchiefs.

I found 5 men's handkerchiefs at Marshall's. It even came in a nice reusable clear box.

Hoop sticky stabilizer. I used Floriani's Perfect Stick. Hoop it shinny side up and then score the top paper and tear it away exposing the sticky surface.  Load our small designs onto your machine and embroider as many hankies as you want in one hooping. 

Here are the two embroidery collections we used on our mens handkerchiefs. 

Nautical Embroidery Collection Click on "Colored Text" to shop!
Holiday Embroidery Collection Click on "Colored Text" to shop!

Nautical Embroidery Collection Click on "Colored Text" to shop!
Holiday Embroidery Collection Click on "Colored Text" to shop!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brother ScanNCut Heat Transfer Vinyl Files

Hi Everyone,
I have uploaded a freebie.  Click on the link below to download two .fcm files (that's the native lingo for the ScanNCut).  Use heat transfer vinyl and don't forget we have all the setting in our ScanNCut Settings, Tips & Tricks booklet.

It's Better To Be Queen Appliqué Quilt

Thought I would share a new wall hanging created using our new Chevron Monogram Appliqué Embroidery Collection.

Do you like it? Wondering if this would be a good project for my 2015 Embroidery & Embellishing Conference? 

I did a little editing in the center (BUT) and removed the scrolls behind the letter "U" and then removed portions of the scrolls behind the letter "B & T".

A simple quilt with a fun message. Even my husband likes it. By the way Marv Yoder, my husband, took this awesome photo in our back yard. He is the in-house resident genius when it comes to photography.

So simple to make. Start with large blocks of fabric bigger than your 300mm x 200mm hoop. Arrange the letters in a software program such as Floriani Total Control Pro.  Next use an iron on tear away stabilizer such as Heat n Sta and embroider the designs.  Cut the blocks to whatever size you want, just make sure you cut all three embroidery blocks the same size.  Cut 1.5" sashing strips (that's the wild Partridge Family look-a-like fabric) and then add 4" borders.  Add batting, a backing and bind.  Then the infamous quilt as desired and you are all done.

How about using this idea to make quilted pillow shams for your bed. Groovy, right?