Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trapunto In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery

I am so excited about the new embroidery software program "My Decorative Quilter".  It's is super easy to use and I don't even have to know anything about digitizing and I get amazing results.  I love anything that makes me look better than I am.  Don't you?  Today's post is some of the cool features that make creating designs a whole lot EASIER!  

I think one of my favorite things in sewing/quilting, besides machine embroidery, is stippling.  I really wish I could master the art of great, no wait, AWESOME, machine stippling.  So far it hasn't happened.  I am AWESOME at "blonde stippling", AKA In-the-Hoop (ITH).  I just got even better with this new software program that debuted in April 2013.  

BTW ~ I am so psyched about our new 2013 SOFTWARE RETREAT in Asheville, NC.  If you want to go to a new "all about learning" software bootcamp, then come join us while we still have a couple of spots left.  It won't be like a store event where it's all about sales.  It's the 'after event" where you bought the software, now how to use it.  That is where I come in.  Hope to the rescue.

Ok here is just a quick overview of some screenshots of me creating the trapunto block you see below.


It's only a few clicks using the built in artwork to create beautiful blocks in the software program. 

Embroidering them is lots of fun to see the texture and dimension unfold before your eyes!

If I've tweaked your interest and you want to know exactly how to create the beautiful trapunto blocks, then please consider joining us for our retreat in July 2013.  

Don't own the program but want to purchase it?  Great, you will receive a video tutorial I created walking you through each step to make your own trapunto in MDQ, along with the embroidery directions and final designs.