Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to Embroider on a Sweater

Learn to embroider on unstable sweater knit fabric. Click here to find the FREE PDF file for step-by-step directions from preparing the sweater for embroidery, stabilizers, interfacing and toppers. I made this sweater for my Mother-in-law for Christmas one year and am often asked how did I make it.

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Click Here to Find the FREE PDF file! 

  • QT Pie Stick Figure Embroidery CD from www.HopeYoder.com 
  • Smooth knit sweater (sample sweater is from Land's End at your local Sears store)
  • Tricot knit Interfacing
  • Sticky Stabilizer (such as Floriani Perfect Stick)
  • Clear wash away topper (such as Sulky Solvy)
  • Embroidery lettering program

Prep the inside of the sweater using a fusible tricot interfacing. Fuse large blocks on the inside of the sweater fronts.
  • Use an embroidery software program to add names or cute phrases to each stick figure as shown and combine to create a new design. Print a template using Floriani’s fusible template paper (templates are like large stickers that will adhere right to the sweater without shifting or sliding during the hooping process).
  • Arrange the templates in a pleasing manner on the sweater fronts. For this project I left the templates on the sweater until I was ready to embroider each design so I didn’t get confused & embroider the wrong design.
  • Hoop sticky stabilizer (& remove the paper) and lay the hoop over the grid marks on a large cutting mat, aligning the grid with the placement marks on the hoop. Center the design matching up the placement marks on the templates. Once the hoop is on the machine & the design is centered, remove the template & lay a piece of Sulky Solvy on top of the hoop & baste the sweater to the hoop using an automatic basting feature on your machine. If the sweater wants to pull up off the stabilizer when you remove the template, place a few pins in the corner of the sweater through the sticky stabilizer (pins are underneath the templates) before placing the hoop on the embroidery arm. 

See another sweater I created which was featured in Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine

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