Friday, August 17, 2012

Button Loop Closure

I made myself a pretty cover for my Kindle using our eReader Wristlet pattern. I didn't want to use the Velcro the pattern called for so I tried something new that I thought you might enjoy. I love covered buttons so I decided to make a 1" fabric covered button closure using our Button~Ups Fabric button cover machine. It worked so well everyone loves it & wanted to know how I made it look so professional so here goes...PS the pattern fits Kindles, iPads, Nooks ect.

Materials Needed
Step 1
  • Make the the eReader pattern up until sewing the lining fabric. 
  • After the pattern is cut out, tape-baste (tape in place instead of using pins) the ponytail elastic to the center of the curved flap as shown. Please note:  The portion of the ponytail elastic that will become the loop is the portion show onto of the fabric. The excess elastic that hangs off will be cut away after it is sewn.
  • Using the ponytail loop in a circle is much easier than cutting it and basting the raw edges of the elastic since the ponytail elastic doesn't want to stay where you put it. Using it in the round is much easier to handle.
Step 2
  • Sew over the elastic 1/8" away from the raw edge. 
  • Reinforce the elastic by sewing over it a few times.
  • Trim off the excess elastic that hangs off the edge.
  • When your wristlet is complete, hand sew a 1" covered button to the front and enjoy. 

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